varied industries, consistent knowledge

businesses and organisations across the UK know signage is the smart way to communicate with customers, sending a message that’s dynamic, innovative and engaging – propelling them to take action.

at omega signs, we deliver signage solutions across a wide range of sectors nationwide. we combine deep knowledge of our key industries with signage expertise, making us your perfect partner when you’re investing in the right first impression for your business or brand.

we’re hugely proud of our work and our experience. take a look at what we can do to help you stand out in your sector.


retail is competitive, and you need to stand out to capture customers’ attention. to do that, savvy retailers are choosing smart signage to connect with shoppers both inside the store and on their shopfront.

as a market leader with years of experience in managing signage for some of the UK’s biggest retailers, our extensive portfolio showcases how we’ve developed and delivered corporate identities for household names nationwide.

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restaurants and bars

traditional signage skills have long been crucial to the pub, restaurant and bar trades. we combine these tried and tested methods with innovative ideas and high levels of service to entice customers and make your food, drink and offers irresistible.

our processes are structured enough to instill confidence, yet flexible enough to create bespoke ways to show off your latest promotions and quality services.

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within the banking sector digital signage screens can serve multiple purposes. they can keep customers informed letting them know up to date information on products, services and interest rates.

it can also help with wayfinding and is a great way to create a professional impression in the reception area.

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the automotive industry is a vital part of the UK economy, with significant investment in manufacturing and innovation. so you need to demonstrate you understand the importance of reflecting a strong brand image in a competitive market.

a premium place with a captive audience needs to offer something impressive for customers looking to make a big investment. at omega signs, we’ll produce, deliver and install signage that enhances your offer and adds to the sleek, smart and industry-leading atmosphere you want to create.

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casinos, cinemas, zoos and theme parks are just some of the leisure locations that can reap benefits from digital signage. at an entertainment venue like these, digital signage gives businesses the chance to engage with their customers in a way like never before. gone are the boring static posters of yesteryear. Digital signage is where it’s at if you want to speak to your audience.

in an entertainment based venue, digital signage can be used as an effective advertising tool. in your own venue you can promote services and events direct to your target audience. it is also a great way to inform repeat customers of short term promotions that they may otherwise miss out on.

so digital signage can not only inform and educate your audience, but form part of the overall experience by creating atmosphere of excitement and fun.

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digital signage screens can serve multiple purposes when used in a business environment. firstly they can create a dynamic and professional impression in your reception area and are a great way to showcase your work to customers. they can also keep your employees up to the minute with information from company statistics to displaying work, corporate messages or even social events ensuring they your employees always feel included in the direction of the company.

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high street

on the high street, a brand’s logo and image is key to commanding a customer to stop and take notice. at omega signs, our signage clearly communicates your message to your customer thanks to our extensive experience in the sector.

our work has taken us to small storefronts and managing complex multi-site projects, proving our position as the perfect partner to deliver your high street signage on any scale.

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when huge numbers of passengers need information, and quickly, strong signage that captures attention and communicates clearly is key.

we produce and provide signage for across the transport sector, including bus and train stations, airport lounges and when you’re out and about on the road, to make sure, no matter where you are, your message remains strong.

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you have a captive audience on a petrol forecourt, so it’s the perfect place to attract customers with statement signage.

naturally, safety is paramount for this sector. our project managers, surveyors and installers have the right SPA safety passports for hazardous locations, have thorough training in health and safety standards, carry IPAF certificates for working with access equipment, and more – all of which authorise them to work on live petrol forecourts safely.


the leisure industry depends on promising a quality experience from beginning to end. that starts with signage – showing your customers what’s on offer and where to go – and making sure your high standards of service are reflected at every point of communication.

we’ll manage the signage process throughout, coming up with unique ideas to suit your aims and needs, and deliver a project with impressive results.

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customers visiting their bank or financial services provider in person are looking for specific information and the superior service experience they can’t get online, and it’s essential you instil trust.

superb signage sets the perfect first impression of professionalism and order. you can also use your signage to tell your customers about the latest products, services and even interest rates so they know you’re completely up to date with the information they’re looking for in branch.

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