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The Chamberlain Hotel

First impressions are everything. Essential for this luxurious hotel in the centre of London. In partnership with Simple Simon Designers Omega Signs developed the new ornate logo. Above the door the C lozenge uses brass detail with illuminated lights around the lettering. This creates shine and class. Ornate gilding was sign written direct to the window using specialised techniques. The pictorial, with a powder coated aluminium background and detail in polished brass, adds the finishing touch. It creates an external entrance that is dramatic and luxurious. Truly in keeping with the hotel ethos.

Traditional sign writing skills

Sign making has changed so much over the past 15 years.  The traditional processes of sign writing and gold leaf work can not be rushed. Skilled sign writers carefully chalk out and stencil up the design. In addition special paints are then applied by sign writers with delicate brushes by hand. It takes real attention to detail by time served craftsmen.

Managing Director, Duncan Chapman said. “  For instance of all the processes in the factory the one that fascinates all our customers during their visits is the Gold Leaf area. Customers are amazed at the care and attention to detail. In conclusion many of our competitors have let these old skills die out so our customers think it’s great to see this work in action!”