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John Lewis Partnership

Omega scales new heights with JLP

Following the successful install at Chester last year Omega were awarded 2 new install sites for JLP, one at their new site in Exeter and the other at their joint venture site with Waitrose in Ipswich. Both sites had challenging briefs and close teamwork between Omega and John Lewis was essential throughout.

The Exeter install was a large new store, right in the centre of the city and there were access and major planning issues regarding the signage to contend with. Not only this but the building was 7 storeys high and JLP wanted vertical sign banners starting from the high west point down the side of the building. Working at such a great height was difficult and required a huge cherry picker the like of which had not been seen before at Omega. However the

results are amazing as the signs are fitted with

a combination of halo and edge lit illumination

so that they can be seen right across town.

The building also has a large glass curved

atrium and as everyone knows mounting a sign

on a glass fascia let alone a curved one requires

meticulous planning! Omega had to work

extremey closely with the glazing and steel

contractors but the effect is stunning.

The entire process has been a great success

and the whole concept has been entered

into the retail store of the year awards with

winners due to be announced in March 2013.

Omega were also chosen to be the signage

partners for the new flagship Ipswich store

in which Waitrose supermarket and John Lewis

at home shop to open next door to each other.

The main challenge was to ensure the branding

for each store was impactful and clearly reflected

the core brand values but also that the two brands

complemented each other and worked in

harmony. This was particularly important at the

entrance, which both brands shared, and in

the car park where joint totem poles were

erected. As you can see from the photos the

result is truly impressive and both JLP and

Waitrose were delighted.