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Case StudyWaite & Rose Cafe

new opening of waite & rose cafe cheltenham.

2018 saw the major relaunch of its two brands, john lewis & partners and waitrose & partners, with the rebrand and new visual identity.

as a company and a strong partner with john lewis and waitrose we have been heavily involved in this development. for instance this has been in stores across the uk.

at cheltenham the new rebrand of the waitrose store included changes to the waitrose café as the future pays homage to the past.

the café has been rebranded as the waite & rose café to pay tribute to the two original founders of the supermarket chain: wallace wyndham waite and arthur rose. the new ‘waite & rose’ café letters were installed by the external seating area. the production team developed and manufactured two bespoke projection signs specifically for the newly re-branded café.

omega signs installed some of internal and all of the external signage. above all the team managed the project with its usual high attention to detail, essential for this premium brand.

similarly omega also installed the new ‘waitrose & partners’ sign on the glazing above the entrance doors.


in conclusion duncan chapman said of the work on the original rebrand

“this is the result of 6 months hard work by the project team. everyone has shown a real drive and commitment to working together and delivering success together. what is more impressive is that it has all been done under wraps. working to a strict, immovable deadline ready for the big launch on 4th september. in conclusion the result is stunning!”

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