in april, omega picked up the rebrand that nissan previously started with another company back in 2019. with around 15 site installs a year being the standard, we were tasked with completing almost triple in 2023!

between 12th april and 1st of july (our first site install) we designed, manufactured and tested the structural engineering of the new signage simultaneously, redesigning everything from scratch according to brand specification. this included new totums, tablets and fascias.

the process covered everything from rescheming, redesigning, submitting for planning, sourcing material and installing.

we completed 42 sites from 1st july to end of december, including:

1251mtrs of fascia
107 sets of built up letters
14 pole signs
34 pylon signs
145 built up logos

looking forward to what this year will bring!

thanks nissan! 🚗🌟

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