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East of England Co-op

The East of England Co-op is the largest

independent retailer in East Anglia and

serves the communities of Norfolk, Suffolk

and Essex. Last year it unveiled a new look

designed to set it apart from other big

retailers and a key part of this was to install

the new brand logo across the estate.

With over 200 trading outlets from food stores to

funeral care; pharmacy and travel stores this was

a mammoth task and Omega Signs were

appointed to help manage the process. The first

step was to translate the new logo into a signage

design that would work across a number of

different signage formats from the shop fascia to

other external signs such as way finding and

totems. The key was to ensure that the sign

design had strong standout; brand consistency

and retained the fresh modern feel of the new

look logo. In conjunction with the Co-op design

team several designs were put together and it

was agreed that the logo could be enhanced by

inserting an acrylic LED key line around the

Co-op built up letters. This helped create a subtle

halo effect around the logo ensuring that it has

great standout in the dark and enhances the

visual presence on the high street. LED lighting

is also a great solution on signs as it requires low

maintenance and is environmentally friendly.

A sign family was developed by Omega Signs

using standard sizes for logo boxes & lettering

that meets the needs of each of the brands

within the estate. Using this approach means the

best fit, and therefore most cost effective

solution, could be used across the whole estate.