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Aston Villa

Aston Villa recognise the importance of their brand and undertook to update and replace their signage around and inside the ground.

The brief was simple, “We want Villa Park to be the first thing you see on the way into the city and the last thing you see on the way out”.

The site had many different architectural styles allowing us to demonstrate the wide variety of our signing skills. This included welcome signs to greet and direct traffic, a modern look for the corporate entrances highlighted by brushed stainless steel, over 250 internal way-finding signs in corporate areas, a new frontage for the Villa Park store and traditional signage on the Holte Suite and Hotel.

Strategically placed totem signs fulfilled the practical function of providing both ‘arrival points’ and ‘wayfinding’ but also provided fans with the perfect backdrop for photographic mementos.

The famous Holte pub was brought alive with gold leaf reverse decorated glass fascias illuminated by brass swan neck lamps and wrought iron fingerposts providing external wayfinding. Conscious of both environmental and long term maintenance issues, high level signage was designed with 4 metre high flex face crests and 4 large sets of individual halo letters incorporating LED illumination.

The project tested our project management team with installation over main roads and very tight deadlines to bring it all together before the start of the Football season.

However the final result is a showcase for signage, a triumphant combination of both traditional and contemporary methods.

With our signage supplier we have made fantastic strides to reinvigorate the Aston Villa Brand making sure our proud name is on display for everyone to see.

Dan Meredith Marketing Executive