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AMG is a subsidiary brand of the Mercedes-Benz car company with 39 dealer sites situated throughout the UK specializing in  high-performance luxury cars. The AMG brand is Mercedes’ premium brand and they were looking to promote it at 39 dealer sites across the UK.

With no firm specification except that the signage should reflect the core brand values Omega were tasked with the full design, manufacture and implementation process.

It was agreed that each showroom needed either a cassette fascia or a pylon sign and that the design and look translated well over each style. The sign design needed to have great standout to reflect the premium nature of the brand and had to be manufactured to a very high specification. Lighting was also required on both and with 3 different sizes there were lots of different components that needed to be designed and managed.

The project was successfully completed over a 6 month period and the signs have great impact and clarity.