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Our CompanyDedicated to development, design and delivery

Here at Omega Signs, we’ve been providing signage solutions and first-class service since 1992, building a reputation our competitors envy. Our team handcraft everything we create, combining new ideas with tried and trusted methods for professional signage you – and they – can be proud of.

We don’t simply take your brief and deliver it without any input. Instead, we focus on value engineering – providing a service, not just manufacturing a product. There’s no standard set of signage, so our team use their design talents and project management experience to create unique products that match your corporate guidelines and company aims.

We go further than signage to think of your investment in your brand beyond your upfront costs. Signs that are cheap to make are often complicated to install and maintain. So, together, we look at strategy, brand identity and long-term plans to make sure your signage is an asset, not an expense.

Our head office and production site is in Leeds, where we take care of every part of your project under one roof. Our 4 acre site and large purpose-built factory boast the latest technology and manufacturing equipment, and it’s where our team come together to bounce off ideas and see every step of your signage in action.

We work with clients across the UK, including blue chip names who trust we’ll meet their market-leading standards. From national supermarkets to international hotels, you’ll find examples of our work and a snapshot of our client list here.

Ask our team what they think and they’ll tell you working together to unite their skills gives them the drive to do you – our clients – proud. It’s just one of the many reasons companies return to Omega Signs again and again.

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About UsSustainable Future

Every one of us has a duty to help build a sustainable future. At Omega Signs, we go beyond the basics, creating a company that cares for our clients, colleagues and suppliers’ well-being, our local communities and, of course, the world around us.

We know the manufacturing industry has a big job to do. So we’re committed to our development in the sustainability sector, looking closely at our sustainability ratings and ranking to work towards becoming a zero-waste business.

We lead by example – helping our clients make the right decisions about their eco-impact and coming up with innovative ways for them to integrate sustainability into their businesses.
We’re making great progress in reducing our energy usage, waste and carbon footprint. To continue our commitment, we pledge:

* Zero waste to landfill by 2024

* A fully sustainable supply chain by 2025

* To be net carbon neutral by 2025.

About UsOur 3 Step Sustainability Plan

To support our suppliers’ sustainability goals, we follow a clear, concise plan so we deliver on our eco-promises, too.


We start with a clear overview of your company’s product attributes and core competencies in sustainability so we can develop a sustainability management system. This makes sure both company and product sustainability are heading in the right direction and helps eliminate waste.


We look at environmental objectives and performance standards as well as specific application and technical needs to select the most sustainable materials for the job. To do this strategically, we look at the impact of the material across its life cycle. This includes extraction and manufacture, customer demands and recyclability. We carry out recyclability assessments to understand sustainability properties and communicate the results clearly to our customers.


Waste management is crucial. To improve the ways we recycle and find new options for reprocessing our materials – from material and energy recovery to composting – we’re open to sharing our data, logistics and capabilities. It’s because of that critical, collective approach that we can help everyone in our supply chain achieve the goal of zero waste.

About UsHealth And Safety

At every stage of every project, health and safety takes priority. As a manufacturer and installer of signage, we know we have a duty to look after the welfare of our team, your staff, and everyone around us.

At Omega Signs, we have a dedicated health and safety manager, who makes sure we’re doing everything to only the very highest standards. We also employ the services of a consultant to work closely with our in-house team and ensure we’re always fully compliant with the latest legislation. For every installation, we produce site-specific risk assessments and method statements to maintain site safety and protect employees and customers at all times.

Never ones to rest on our laurels, we have rigorous in-house health and safety training programmes. This guarantees the whole team, from project managers to engineers, understand the importance of correct compliance and know exactly how to implement it, without fail.

Health and safety Health and safety Health and safety

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About UsCorporate social responsibility

At Omega Signs, we take our responsibilities seriously and hold ourselves accountable for everything we do.

We recognise our products and business operations have an impact on the environment. We’ve developed policies that comply with environmental standards and legislation and, of course, we meet the requirements of ISO 14001(2004). That includes using sustainable materials and low-energy electrical components wherever we can, recycling waste materials and even manufacturing signs that can be easily recycled at the end of their lifespan.

Our corporate social responsibility extends to our values, too. We set, and keep to, a strict ethical policy at all times.

About UsInnovation

From ideas to equipment and from values to visions, we bring your company to life with signage that looks beyond your brand to the heart of your business.

As we get to know your organisation’s goals, we’ll combine our creative talents and manufacturing skills to produce signage with fresh perspective. That way, not only can we promise to deliver originality, we guarantee we’ll do it in a way that makes sense for your business, long term.

Innovation Innovation Innovation

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