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ASDA navigation

Customer clarity is key in the fast moving supermarket retail environment and it was decided that Asda stores needed to improve instore navigation to direct customers quickly to products.

Their solution, at a cost of £2m, was for a 3 tier system. A high level grid of POS wires, mid level individual motorway banner signs highlighting product grouping across the store and low level fixed bus stop signs determining exact product locations.

The project involved rolling out the concept to all 330 stores over a 10 week period.

The manufacturing stage involved UK, Eastern Europe and Chinese facilities. Omega produced engineering drawings and worked closely with suppliers to ensure that the products arrived to the right quality and specification. Custom tooling was produced for both extruded aluminium and injection moulded parts all within the project timescales.

Deliveries were phased to ensure that enough products were available to keep the programme rolling on a weekly basis. Each installation typically involved the fitting of over 120 pairs of POS drops, 35 suspended motorway aisles signs and over 100 bus stop signs – in all some 40 hours work.

Each sign had to be fitted to a precise location according to the store layout plan and an installation guide combined with training and a briefing session was required at the start of each programme.

Organisational skills had to be second to none to ensure that the right machine was in the right place at the right time.

We liaised daily with each store to brief them on the scope of works, plant delivery details and team arrival times all with the aim of minimising customer disruption. The project was delivered on time at arguably what was the busiest time of year for both client and supplier.

Timescales were tight on this project, there were some real challenges in terms of signage and yet again Omega rose to the challenge and delivered a great result

Simon Arundel Design Manager Asda Stores